Does SAMMS require participants to purchase textbooks?

Generally, No. Instructors will provide hand-outs and excerpts as needed. You will be contacted if an instructor decides to use a textbook.

Can I earn college credit at my home institution from SAMMS courses?

At this point, No. To begin with SAMMS courses do not aim to replace standard textbook courses so it will take special arrangements for an institution to recognize any OSU credits for such a course. Moreover, we do not currently have funding to cover OSU tuition which would be required to create OSU credits

I just completed my senior year and am about to graduate. Can I still apply?

Yes. At this point we have no apriori restrictions on applications. Preferences will be given to participants who we believe benefit most from the program.

Is there a deadline for applications?

There is no definite deadline for submitting applications. However, given the limited number of slots available, applications will be considered only until all are filled. Generally, applications start being reviewed mid-March through beginning of April.

Can a professor send the recommendation letter by email?

Yes. In fact, the preferred way is to have your professor send the letter by email to samms@math.osu.edu, from a verifiable university account. The other option is to have the letter sent via postal mail directly to:

Sandy Masters: SAMMS
Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
231 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

What year of college is required?

The only requirement is that applicants should have had one year of calculus and about a semester of abstract or linear algebra. Additional mathematics courses that demonstrate a continued involvement with mathematics are beneficial.

I participated in the past in SAMMS, and would be interested in becoming a graduate student in Mathematics at OSU. How can I apply?

Follow this link: http://math.osu.edu/grad/future .