Five mini-courses will be offered, which will emphasize problem solving and working in groups. Each mini-course will meet daily for 55 minutes over the 4 week period, amounting to roughly half of the contact time of a standard semester long course. Courses will be scheduled at different times during the day so that a student can theoretically participate in all courses. Enrollment is informal and voluntary. Each course will have an assigned faculty instructor and a graduate teaching assistant (TA).

Group recitations will be scheduled each day in the late afternoon in the spacious top floor lounge of the Mathematics Department, supervised by the course TAs, who are mainly recruited from University of Puerto Rico campuses. The TAs maintain close contact with students and lead discussions on assigned problems.

A recommended and valued component of SAMMS is the voluntary inquiry activity. Students can work with course instructors or staff members to identify topics of interest shortly after their arrival. Introductions and scheduling are organized by SAMMS staff and students can talk with OSU or SAMMS faculty who have expertise in the topic or problem. A series of sessions in the last week of the program will be reserved for presentations (typically 15 minutes in length) based on these inquiry activities.

In addition, participants can engage in the following further academic activities and events:

  • Graduate Orientation: Tentatively this includes three to four meetings in which graduate school applications, GRE preparations, support during graduate school, and various academic opportunities and challenges that graduate students encounter during their studies are discussed.
  • Professional Development: Activities will be designed to enhance students' more technical skills in the academic environment, including technical writing, giving presentations, and literature search. Most likely this will take the form of expository projects that students complete in a course of their choice.
  • Headstart:More advanced students and SAMMS-TA's may also participate in the qualifier preparation classes that are running for incoming doctoral students at the Ohio State mathematics program.
  • The Young Mathematicians Conference (YMC), a premier annual conference for undergraduate research in mathematics.
  • Various students working seminars as well as regular research activities that are routinely scheduled during the summer. Please ask or follow announcements.

Moreover SAMMS participants can take advantage of cultural and recreational activities around campus. For example, SAMMS students will have free access to the Rec Sports Center, and may get in touch with students organizations such as the University-wide Council of Hispanic Organizations and the Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus. Other extra curricular activities during the program may include city tours of Columbus and day trips in central Ohio.