"This is the first time I participated in such an amazing and interesting summer program. The choice of professors was very significant. They really know their stuff, they are always willing to help, willing to listen to any student in order to make sure they are doing a great job. The Administrative staff is impressive. Very well done, I hope you keep the same path for any other SAMMS coming up."

"Everything was nice, good teaching. Very well at everything. I would come back if I can."

"I mean the program was absolutely great and that gave me a fundamental insight on where I'm supposed to be led by my Math addiction."

"It reinforced my interest for grad school."

"It was very helpful, because it helped me to take the final decision to do a master degree, with the courses which were helpful and totally didactical and the professors that without their help and advices, I couldn’t have gotten it."

"I was already looking to continue studies in advanced mathematics but the program helped to look how to communicate with other professors and students to discuss new ideas, problems, also doubts that may come when thinking about going for a PhD in mathematics."

"I became more available to challenge myself with Math because Math is my life. That impacted me in a way that I will go straightly to my PhD in Math. Seriously, SAMMS is the summer program on which I waited to see which direction I should take with my Math skills."

"Now advanced mathematics seems doable, not just a vague concept of “more, harder math”. Advanced mathematics also seems like some subjects are integrated into other fields, meaning an advanced math degree can be useful for careers in bio, chem, etc. This program definitely helped me decide that pursuing grad school will be helpful to my future."

"The mentorship with the Grad faculty was awesome; because of that, these experiences go beyond usefulness. I perfectly liked the way everything was organized."

"I loved the Graduate School classes. They gave me an understanding of what needs to be on my CV and graduate application."